BV URNS come in two styles:

BV Sport is for sports fans - it's shaped like a football!

"If you, or your loved one, enjoyed skydiving, surfing, bungee jumping, race car driving, snowboarding or any other active lifestyle activity, then our BV Air is a proper send-off." Alexander, co-inventor

BV Air can be hand-delivered or launched via an air cannon up to 200ft. This makes it easier to deliver from an overlook or deck of a cruise ship.

Both are perfect for people or pets.

Marine Safe

Part of our design goal was to create an economical, yet safe, biodegradable urm.

The shapes and sizes allow for easier handling and delivery over greater distances - from the shore of a lake, a safe distance from the edge of a cliff, or from a vessel on the water.

It was also important to us that BVUrns are safe for the environment and marine life. We utilize materials currently in use in the fishing industry, to reduce the impact on marine animals and plant life.


Laws regarding delivery of cremated remains vary by location. Consult local regulations prior to use of this product.

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